for the laid-back lovers that crave realistic and eccentric photos

to the ones that value intimacy, realism, authenticity, and for your photos to represent WHO you are - I'm your girl.  when you look back on our time together, I want you to remember how you felt - the giggles, the wind in your hair, holding your partners hand, and the sentiment of it all.

photography with the intent of letting you, be you.

everyone has a story worth telling ... 

my photography philosophy is a collaborative experience - tell me your ideas, your wants, your don't wants, heck bring your dog/cat! it's your story, your expectations, and most importantly your rules!! if i'm lucky enough to be invited into the narrative (get it? book pun) - then, i'm in!

lets hang out

welcome to my lil corner of the internet, i'm bayly and i'm happy you're here

you don't have to worry about feeling awkward.


"Such an amazing photographer to work with! My husband is not the biggest fan of having photos taken but Bayly and her second shooter made the process so easy even he enjoyed himself. I just got the sneak peeks and I can't wait to see the rest!!! If I could give more than 5 stars I would!"
-Kelsey and Joe


interested? let's connect!

if you've made it this far, woohoo! here's the fun part, since now you know all about me, let's get to know you! I want the "photography experience" to be more than just chatting, showing up on the day, and sending you an email when your photos are ready. I want to get to know YOU, and if we become friends during the process? sounds good to me.
photography with the intent of letting you, be you, so let's do this thing.


minnesota based couple and wedding photographer

moody tones, warm bones, golden hour energy