i'm bayly, your friendly neighborhood photographer

I haven't always wanted to pursue photography, in fact for a few years I was dead-set on being a dolphin trainer.  However, after the realization that I'm a terrible swimmer, that idea was scrapped. I went to UW-La Crosse and graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and then pursued my Masters and Education Specialist degree in School Psychology in 2022. 

As a school psychologist in a middle and high school setting, I have the privilege of working with students of all ages and abilities, and being able to support them in being successful. I specialize in working with students on the autism spectrum and absolutely love my job. 

hello, welcome to my page.

I started my photography career in my friend's basement in 2018, with some horribly lit shots in front of my sister's yellow curtain that I brought.  After moving to Minnesota in May 2021, I realized that I have always had an interest in love stories and in couples, and took the leap in wedding photography.

In my free time you can find me reading, taking way too many photos of my cats, Beans and Pinto, (just ask, and I'll send you one of the many in my camera roll), and spending time with my wonderful boyfriend of 7 years, Nolan. 

all my love + then some, 
bayly jean 

things i love:

- filling up a bookshelf with my favorite reads
- cats when they curl in a ball to sleep
- trashy reality TV (especially British TV)
- deans french onion dip and ruffle chips 
- sunsets after it rains

fun facts -

my most listened to artist for the last five years has been Taylor Swift

i have seen every single movie and TV show in the marvel cinematic universe (team captain america)

i can recite all of the U.S. presidents, in song form

everyone has a purpose, here's mine. 

funny enough, photography is not my full-time job, however, it's a hobby that turned into my full-time passion.  This job isn't to pay the bills or to fund my sushi habit, rather it gives me the opportunity to meet, get to know, and befriend so many individuals that I wouldn't otherwise have the privilege to do so. 

My purpose? You. Creating an experience to bring your photos, your memories to life.  At one point in our lives, photographs will be all that we have left - of an event, of an experience, of a person.

Take the time, take the photos. 

my values


prompted over posed


honest + emotional

original + genuine

let's do this thing!

now that you've taken some time and stalked me a bit, if you think my approach and values are a good fit for you, let's get started!! if you aren't feeling it or need to some more time to look around, that's okay! My style isn't everyone's cup of tea, and I'm not a "one-size-fits all" kind of photographer. I'd be more than happy to recommend some of my amazing friends, just reach out!

if you click the button below, I'll get to know more about you and we can get this conversation rolling. 


minnesota based couple and wedding photographer

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